McRoberts Game Farm


Jerry's Woolly Program



*The Donkeys That Began Our Woolly Program*

All of the APA (Ark Park Acres) donkeys in our pedigrees
CP's Harry
Arrow Creek Harry Houdini
(and his successor, Dr Shivago)
GP Peanut
(and his successors...Peabody (Stolli), Stoli Too, and Absolut)


 Jerry's words about his woolly lines...


"Bought my first woolly donkey from Larry Golden in 1990 or so....LOVED the look!!

A good friend, Tracy Trittle...from South Dakota... had line bred Ark Park Acres Seven for several generations...

and we bought several of her jennets and a little jack named APA Apple Dumpling that I called Dirty Harry.

Barb Flinn...formerly of Wyoming... had a really woolly 30" rose-dun jack named CP's Harry...

which we bought.  Where his woolly genes came from...nobody knows!

Several years ago we purchased Arrow Creeks' Harry Houdini...which added another line to our program.

Sooo...essentially we've had four different lines that we've worked with to achieve what we are now producing."