MGF Shakira 036
  MGF Haute Tamale X MGF Argentine Don Macho (ET)
DOB 9/1/10


Haute Tamale has bestowed her color genes on Shakira...
and Don Macho added the strength and confirmation of the Argentine!
 What a great combination! 

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Late Fall 2014


Abundant luxurious fiber..blowin' in the wind!!
Early Fall 2013

I bear a striking resemblance to my wonderful grandmother, Chaquita,
Jerry's favorite Azul daughter
Isn't she AMAZING!!!
She's 13 yrs this photo taken last year!! 


I was a very cute cria!     


    Photo of my mom, Haute Tamale, when she was a yearling!
She was wonderful!!


                                                                                                                  Late Fall 2014 above and below!



Will you be My Valentine??....February 2015