MGF Duchessa  P636
MGF Princesa Azul X Chilean San Juan
DOB 5/17/06

Jerry kept all of his Azul daughters (Chileno G Cerro Azul) because he loved them!
Princesa was one of his favorites...
and had beautiful Duchessa in 2006 when bred to Chilean San Juan.
  Her cria in 2009 was
outstanding.  See photos below!


Duchessa in September 2014 above and below



As a newborn....amazing amazing fiber!!  It glistens!


Young Duchessa


With her mom, Princesa Azul....who was another of Jerry's favorite Azul daughters that year
 and was named after her sire, Chileno G Cerro Azul.


As a mom herself...when bred to Kobra's Kondor...produced this magnificent female!
Her name was Kondor's Kontessa!!  (above and below)

She sold at the Field of Dreams Sale


A very serene and classy female!
November 2014