MGF Estralita 051
MGF Chaquita X MGF Swiss Air
DOB 5/23/10


I am most sad when I look at Chaquita's beautiful girl....
as Chaquita was one of Jerry's most favorite females
 He would have been
Her color was nothing short of was her fiber.
  She was just a HOME RUN!!

Sad to say...her ear was damaged from her weaning ear tag...
and it never fully recovered after it was removed. *
but notice photo below
  She is awesome...and will be a
fabulous girl to add to your breeding herd!


*Jerry used Swiss Air, a Chilean Aviator son, for one year
....and bred a small group of females with red genes to this male.


MGF Estralita in Fall of 2014...GORGEOUS FIBER


cria photos


Chaquita, at 13 years of age....taken in 2013
What a great female...and sooo proud!!

Chaquita the Fall of 2014 after shearing this summer...


I caught her with her ear up!!!  Taken November 2014
Thrilled to see...if only for awhile!


Fall of 2014...