MGF Narcisse Noir
MGF Biijan X MGF Argentine Don Macho
DOB 8/1/09


Narcisse Noir's dam is Biijan...out of a Macho's Ace daughter
and Paco...making Biijan half Argentine. 
Jerry bred her to Don Macho...and the result was
 this very tall, correct,
three quarter Argentine girl! 
If you are looking for size...this girl's for you!
Looks to be the tallest girl in the herd!

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Fall of 2014

Narcisse is big and beautiful...3/4 Argentine!!
Her mom, Biijan, is an Argentine Paco daughter.


Young cria at the ranch..2009


Above covered with burrs from the ranch.....


My mom, MGF Biijan...whom I strongly resemble!! 


September 2014

December 2014

February 2015!!