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On January 22, 2010... Jerry lost his battle with lung cancer. 
His life ended much too soon.
He remains with us in spirit and in our hearts.


McRoberts Game Farm, Inc. initially began raising exotic animals in 1973 on a modest western Nebraska acreage.  The family-owned operation  expanded over the years and the McRoberts Family experienced success in raising many exotics including Llamas, Yak, White Buffalo, Pere David Deer, Miniature Donkeys, Poitou Cross Donkeys, Bactrian Camels, Transcaspian Urial Sheep, Elk, European Wisent, Wallabies, Rocky Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep.  Presently, the operation is focusing on the llama and donkey herds that Jerry produced in his lifetime as an outstanding breeder in those industries. 


Barb McRoberts

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